Hendy Street Produxions
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Our Team


Tony Morin -

CEO/Owner of Hendy Street Produxions

Fun Facts:

• Tony began working in film in 2001

• He studied film at Virginia Commonwealth University and Cape Fear CC where he currently teaches once a week in the Film and Video Department

• He has worked on over 100 credited films and TV shows and twice that many commercials and promotions

• Tony once lived on Henderson street (hence the name, hendy street)


Robin Wood -


Fun Facts:

• Has worked in the digital communications industry for nearly a decade concentrating in Radio Broadcast

• Robin knew more about birds by the time he was 13, than you will ever know

• He is the Creator and host of YouTube channel @how2under2

• He Plays in underground baseball league

• He Plays in metal/punk bands when not making films


Adam Moye -


Fun facts:

• When not filming with Hendy Street, Adam shoots Hip-Hop and is starting his own music video enterprise

• He skates everyday

• He lives in the apartment where they filmed “Blue Velvet”

• Often has Beanie hat in not-so-cold weather

• He has a cat named Bell


Kendyl Bradley - Digital Marketing Specialist

Fun Facts:

• She concentrates in graphic design, web design, cinematography, and photography. She loves it all!

• Her long ultimate career goal is to be a music video director and editor

• Her office nickname is “K-DUB”


• She has a cat named boo